Almost there………. starting line in sight

It has been a frustrating year in waiting to write this post, but finally I have a start date! Round the world trip commences 10 September 2015, a whole 13 months since I wrote on this site “no posts for a while”, little did I know. I did manage a trip to Malaysia, Australia and the Philippines but that was no backpacker trip and it didn’t “feel” appropriate to blog that adventure, kind of spoil the real event. My adventure starts in London with a friend and a liquid lunch before a train ride to Warsaw and then on to Kiev and Odessa but more on that later…….

The planned trip link in previous post is no longer available so using Travellerspoint instead at ChrisRTW

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Rough guide to trip

Nothing is set in stone and all up change, any ideas or experiences please comment

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Getting ready

No posts for a while…..


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